Cloudflare Apps
Yao Lu ComputerSavvyMedic

Earlier issues

When I first used this feature it was on Cloudflare Pages and there was an error. The error was probably on the Cloudflare level. The error probably said that the current Cloudflare user’s user group does not support access to the resources hosted on Cloudflare by another user. It is possible that the two Cloudflare services are considered to be two users at runtime, resulting in access being blocked when inserting app code, which in turn affects the app display.

Current condiction

However, this issue has now been resolved and the Cloudflare Apps are now smoothly accessible and mostly functional in mainland China. However, some of the chat apps load very slowly and affect the loading speed of the entire page, probably using a CDN that is not optimised for mainland China, which causes it to load slowly but still load.


In general, Cloudflare Apps is a very convenient feature, because she can add code to all the traffic that accesses Cloudflare at once. However, there is a slight risk, for example, once I made a mistake and all users visiting my website automatically downloaded a relatively large file (originally intended as background music, but the setting was wrong and it became a music source file that was automatically downloaded when visiting the page). This is a huge waste of server resources in a very short period of time and I can see in the background that the amount of data is spiking and the server load is increasing.