Cloudflare Pages
Yao Lu ComputerSavvyMedic

To begin with, I transferred all my static sites to Cloudflare Pages. Because I use Cloudflare as my CDN provider. So it would make it easier for me to manage all my sites.

From time to time, the GFW blocks traffic from outside China. So as the Cloudflare services. Cloudflare Pages was blocked for a few months, however, it has been recovered now (2023.03.05,YYYY/MM/DD). As a result, I am able to view my deployments instantly by visiting the specific second-level domain.

Comparing to Github Pages, Cloudflare Pages has wonderful caches, which will dramatically increase the speed of site loading, especially for large files or those static and common files. Apart from that, Cloudflare Pages has no limitation to the visibility of repository, so we can publish PRIVATE repositories.

(SOLVED)Last but not least, I would like to note that when using Cloudflare Pages with Cloudflare Apps, it may appear cross-user error. In that case, maybe the Cloudflare Apps puts its scripts outside of the current domain. For example, my domain is ‘’, the script may appear in ‘’ or something like that. When subscribe to a free plan, we are unable to use other users’ files unless we upgrade to a higher version.