Finished My First College Final Test - Exhausted
Yao Lu ComputerSavvyMedic

I have to put it in the front of the passage. ‘Finally! All ended!’

It’s ashamed to admit that during the winter holiday, I didn’t put all my heart and soul to learning medical knowledges. So, the final week wasn’t as smooth as expected. However, I hope that I will be lucky enough to pass ALL my courses!

One night, I kept fighting until 4 a.m., exhausted. But such kind of ‘fighting’ could pull me from the ‘wicked’ Chemistry, which I will hate for the rest of my life. Why So Difficult! Having getting into a state of learning in medical school, all things got better. I will never have the chance to stay in the bed for even one minute!

That’s all. By the way, I have decided to at least temporarily give up I.T., and put all my heart and soul into studying. I’d like to make a comment on the price of the medical books, why so expensive!