The pesky new coronavirus
Yao Lu ComputerSavvyMedic


This week I contracted COVID-19 and had a fever for 3 days straight. Each day the temperature was pretty much going to be around 40 degrees Celsius and I felt weak all over. After the fever subsided the whole body felt dizzy and my sense of direction and balance was very much lacking, but this could also be related to the fact that I was lying in bed for a long time. After a few more days, the dizziness subsided, but I developed a runny nose, as if I had a cold again, which was quite uncomfortable. This week has been mostly about battling the new coronavirus.

Study at home

We are in the second week of studying at home and Chemistry is as difficult as ever. It is also accompanied by some of the same kind of apprehension that I had during my previous online classes, and I wonder how my classmates are doing. Although the exams have been pushed back to the beginning of the next term, the extended preparation time is not a good thing, and it is likely to make the competition even tougher. At the same time it is another time when our efficiency in self-study at home will be very much tested and the pace of study at home should not be relaxed. It’s better to learn more knowledge and skills during your time at university.

Computer hobby

When I arrived home I bought some books on programming and computer technology in the hope that I would have time to read them later on in my study leisure time, not to say to delve into them, but always hoping to learn more about computers. I’ve bought books on C++ and python, and I haven’t bought a book on reverse engineering yet. Anyway, I hope I can get more exposure to the principles involved. But it’s also important to keep a good balance between hobbies and my main job.